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Perishable Goods Shipping Problems

The medical and pharmaceutical industries face great challenges keeping medicines, supplies and organs in a temperature controlled environment. The Department of Defense transports temperature-sensitive munitions to environmentally extreme locations with no good internal control systems. All shippers have a need for point-to-point containers with increased security and credible Tracking Environmental
eviation Systems (hence the product name TEDSBOX®).

Up to 40 percent of produce arrives at rural Alaska retail stores unfit for consumption. The rural Alaska salmon industry faces significant quality problems that arise from multiple handlings and cargo sitting on the tarmac between shipments. Global seafood and fresh cut flower industries experience quality loss and chain of custody issues.

Solution to Shipping Problems of Perishable Goods

TEDSBOX® container is a self-contained secure insulated shipping container (aka active cool chain container) with a built-in battery and temperature control system that will automatically maintain a temperature between +34°F to +89°F using our specified condensor and evaporator system; and if you supplement with dry ice the temperature can be held down to -21°C/-6°F. Temperature monitoring and recording provides a documented history for insurance and chain of custody issues. RFID technology can be applied for remote tracking. The initial product is built to the very common LD-3 specifications, which is grossed at 3,500 lbs. Leasing in Alaska and internationally will be available for infrequent users and carriers.


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